MTSD will ensure that:-

The lines of communication remain open between teaching staff and parents/guardians – any concerns in relation to child protection will be brought to attention, treated seriously and handled sensitively.

Students are not discriminated against based on religion, race, background, age, gender, sexuality, medical condition or disability.

All health and safety regulations are adhered to while a student is in the school’s care.

All teaching staff hold appropriate insurance and DBS/CRB certificates.

A student who displays offensive and/or disruptive language or behaviour will be excluded for the safety and protection of other members.

Dance instruction is safe, well planned and up to date incorporating an age appropriate “warm up” and “cool down” where necessary to prevent injury.

A register of attendance, a list of names and emergency contact numbers and important medical information on students is kept.

Young students do not leave the premises without their parent/guardian or other authorised adult.

Physical corrections are carried out carefully and sensitively.

Parents are reminded that:-

MTSD is responsible for the students care within the boundaries of the hall where classes take place. We are not responsible for students in the changing room or elsewhere on the premises. During dress rehearsals and shows at the Amey Theatre, MTSD is responsible for children once they have signed in at the door and remain so until they sign out and exit the building.

On enrolling your child, a registration form must be completed giving up to date information on contact details and medical conditions. MTSD needs to be informed in writing if any of these details change.


There is an option to allow photos/videos at end of term displays and shows on our registration form. Only images and videos that are accompanied with a signed parental consent form will be used as publicity on the school website or social media.
Any footage taken in an end of term open class, must be of their child only and must not be uploaded to any social media sites.


Any personal data that MTSD holds is kept on a protected computer system and securely stored paper files, which where
necessary are confidentially shredded. Your information is not shared with any third party with the exception of the ISTD, in the event
that your child is entered for an examination (name and date of birth only). MTSD will continue to review how data is protected.


We are always happy to receive feedback and welcome parents input. Email is the preferred method of contact as time between classes is so short. We aim to resolve any issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.


MTSD will ensure that:-

A risk assessment is conducted and regularly reviewed.
Measures are taken to liaise with Larkmead School and reduce any potential hazards.
Appropriate control of risks to health and safety are taken when they arise unexpectedly during a class.
Teaching staff are equipped with a first aid bag, are first aid trained and act accordingly in an emergency.
Emphasis is put on safe dance practice when teaching.



On hearing a low pitched pulsing siren:-

1. Selina will gather all students/parents who are inside the studio, in the changing rooms and in the waiting room. Do not collect belongings.

2. We will exit through the main doors and proceed across the playground, through the green security gates and assemble on the field beyond the gates. (should the fire be at the front of the building, we will exit through the fire doors at the back of the studio).

3. A register will be taken and all members accounted for.

4. The Duty Manager and emergency services will be contacted.

5. We will then await further instruction.



INTRUDER ALARM (fast pulsing screeching)

LOCKDOWN ALARM (single high pitched whine)

On hearing either of these alarms:-

If outside on the playground, come inside the Dance Studio immediately. Selina will lock everybody inside the building. The Duty Manager will be contacted and we will await further instruction.

Thank you.

Tel – 07970 860671

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