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Modern Theatre

This is a diverse genre with flavours of jazz, contemporary, lyrical and funk. The ISTD syllabus is followed alongside a generous helping of free work which is choreographed by Selina, influenced by her time working in professional theatre. Exercises which build a safe and solid technique are combined with exciting and energetic routines with the aim of developing contrasting dance qualities and the ability to travel with speed and control. Modern is particularly good for encouraging dynamic performance skills.


Tap Dance

Again the ISTD syllabus is followed which has been recently updated and now reflects a relaxed, “cool”, American tap style with emphasis on interesting rhythms. Tap is brilliant for unearthing a child’s ability to listen and respond. Students who don’t have a particularly strong sense of rhythm or musicality initially, are encouraged to find it with time - the results of which can be very satisfying! Older students who have progressed through the grades become capable of beating out impressive and complex rhythms to a variety of musical styles.


Street Dance

Street Dance is a modern phenomenon which has become incredibly popular with young people who have been influenced by dance crews such as “Diversity”. This class is informal, non-syllabus and great fun! Students can wear whatever they wish. For inspiration, Selina makes regular trips to London’s super trendy “Studio 68” where professional commercial dancers go to hone their skills. Cutting edge routines are then filtered through to MTSD students who enjoy grooving to the latest tunes!


Pointe Work

For Ballet students who demonstrate an appropriate level of strength and technique as well as having suitable feet, a Pointe Work class is offered at around the age of 13. We provide advice on where and how to purchase well-fitting shoes and take great care to ensure a gradual and safe transition onto pointe by taking the girls through strengthening exercises first. Lots of students really look forward to starting Pointe Work as a rite of passage and as such it is an exciting “add on” to their weekly Ballet class.


Cecchetti Classical Ballet

Ballet has been described as the root or core of all dance forms and is certainly not just for girls! It promotes great strength, muscularity, flexibility and co-ordination as well as being a wonderful outlet for creativity. Discipline and structure are important but, especially for the younger students, there are always opportunities for personal expression, storytelling and quite often, mime. At MTSD we follow the Cecchetti Method and related syllabus, which is a faculty of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). The method was founded by Enrico Cecchetti who danced and taught in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s and remains a very highly regarded system of Ballet training both nationally and internationally.

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Mini Marshlings

"Mini Marshlings” pre school Music & Movement is specially designed for children aged 2-4yrs. It serves as a fun and friendly introduction to dance where children are encouraged to use their bodies expressively to interpret imaginative music. Parents take an active role and props are used to engage the children in active participation and aid their ability to follow instruction. We deliver six seasonal programs across the year to allow the opportunity to explore a new theme at the start of each term. Many children move up into the main part of the dance school as they enter Reception, having built a strong relationship with Selina and a confident foundation in moving to music. 

Trial Sessions and Open Classes

Any new student is given the option to take part in a trial session free of charge in order to get a feel for what we offer before making a decision to commit to the term. Parents are very welcome to observe this session.


During the course of the term parents do not observe classes, but for the very last session of each term “open classes” are held where family and friends are invited to watch. This is a really pleasant experience for everybody. Students can share what they’ve learnt and parents love the opportunity to see their child perform!

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Bi-annually, MTSD holds an examination session at our studio, where students are examined on the syllabi devised by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) by a visiting examiner. This is a very rewarding experience that furthers the skills of the students and allows them to progress through the grades with the hopes of achieving a high level.


Exams are certainly not compulsory and while some students thrive on the experience, others prefer to enjoy working on the syllabus without the added pressure of the exam itself. It can be the case that not all students are invited to take an exam. This is done with the best of intentions and on the understanding that not all children are suited to what a dance exam entails. Regardless, a student will always remain with their peer group and move up to the next level in order to progress and work on new exercises. I am always happy to discuss all things exam related with both parents and students.

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